How to Be Sure That Your School is Safe

Safety in the school begins even before the child arrives at school and it does not end until the child is back home. Here are ways that you can use to determine if your children are attending safe schools.

Emergency Plan

Always be prepared and have a plan of urgency ready so that no one gets stranded when a tragedy occurs. The plan should frequently be updated and all stakeholders made aware of its existence. Always follow this principle for safe schools. Using lone worker devices can help a lot in these situations.

Prepare>>> Prevent>>>Respond>>>Recover

Look Out For Unfamiliar Faces

Be on the lookout for anyone who looks suspicious or does not seem to belong to the school fraternity. Create a visitor policy to manage all people coming and getting out of the compound. Designate visitors waiting areas to reduce the chances of strangers easily mingling with school staff.

Clean Environment

Make sure that everyone takes part in cleaning the school. Cleanliness will keep illness away. With fewer absenteeism, students will utilize all the time allocated for classes.

Transport Safety

School buses should be the safest place to take your child to and from school. Let the children know where to alight and board the bus.

Safe schoolsequals great learning!

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